Rental Process

Rental Process:

  • Visit our “About the Space” page to see what type of rooms we have available for rent and what will suit your needs.
  • Once you have decided what space you would like to rent, visit our “Online Booking Calendar” to see what dates and times are available. Everything highlighted in Blue is NOT available.
  • When you have a general idea what you would like to do, Please fill out the “Booking Request Form” or call 587-329-9545 and follow the prompt to Hall Bookings.
  • Once we have approved your booking, you will receive an email when the rental agreement is ready for signature along with an invoice for the rental and deposit.
  • The deposit (Cash or Cheque Only) in the same amount of the rental will be required immediately upon signing of the agreement.
  • The rent will be due one month prior to the event and we require a post dated cheque upon signing of the agreement for the rent. If the event is less than a month from the signing all payment is due immediately upon signing of the agreement and in the form of Cash Only.
  • Once we are in receipt of the deposit, the rental payment and the signed rental agreement the booking is confirmed.

Basic Contract Details:

The following are the conditions outlined on the contract that you must sign prior to renting with us.

  1. Access to the booked room is the duration of the booking only.
  2. All third party renters will ensure they have appropriate liability insurance and/or Party Alcohol Liability Insurance and further that Beddington Theatre Arts Centre (BTAC), its Directors or employees will not be held liable for any injuries, including claims that could occur due to food and liquor consumption. Renters must provide BTAC with the appropriate Certificate of Insurance upon request.
  3. There must be one supervisor per 50 guests.
  4. A Facility Attendant will be present during the event. All questions and requirements must be directed to this person.
  5. Your Event Coordinator must introduce himself/herself to the Facility Attendant in case a problem should arise. The Event Coordinator must be the last person to leave the premises or assign someone else and introduce this person to the Facility Attendant. The Event Coordinator is responsible for his/her guests, staff and any other services that have been personally employed by the Event Coordinator or his/her group.
  6. The Facility Attendant and event coordinator are required to complete and sign a walk-through checklist of the rented room prior to, and after, the event.
  7. You acknowledge that the Facility Attendant does not have the authority to make any decisions in opposition to what is outlined in this document or contrary to the policies and procedures of BTAC.
  8. You agree to conduct yourself and, ensure your guests conduct themselves, in a professional and respectful manner when in communication with BTAC Staff, BTAC Board Members and other building tenants.  BTAC enforces a no tolerance policy when it comes to the mistreatment of staff.
  9. BTAC is not responsible for any loss or damage of items brought into the facility.
  10. Tenant must request permission from the Facility Attendant to adhere decorations to the walls, mirrors and ceilings. Any means of adhering décor that causes damage to the facility in any way is not permitted and will result in a charge against the damage deposit. Use of confetti, rice or like substances is not permitted inside or outside the Centre.
  11. No unattended open flame candles are permitted as per Calgary Fire Department Regulations. Candles must be in an enclosed container with the flame no more than 2” from the top rim of the container. All uses of candles must be approved by the Facility Administrator, prior to your event.
  12. Clean up is the responsibility of the renter and any time required is included in your rental time. It is the renter’s responsibility to ensure that all of their staff and guests and additional help are given enough notice to clean and pack up their equipment.
  13. Clean-up must start no later than half an hour prior to the scheduled end of the booking. The last person must leave the premises by the scheduled end time of the event. Should you require extra time to complete your clean-up, arrangements must be made with the Facility Attendant and you will be charged an extra $120.00 plus GST For every hour past the scheduled end time of the event.
  14. At the conclusion of your event, the following tasks must be completed, to the satisfaction of the Facility Attendant. Failure to do so will result in a charge of up to $150, as determined by the Facility Administrator, and based on the amount of time it takes BTAC Staff to rectify the condition.
    1. The renter must remove all garbage (bags will be provided by our community attendant) and place the garbage bags into the outside bins. Garbage must be placed directly into the bin and not on the ground.
    2. The renter must remove everything that they brought into the hall (eg. dishes, decorations, etc.)
    3. The renter is responsible to sweep the floor of the room in use.
    4. If there is liquid spillage on the floor, the renter must mop the affected areas.
    5. Any mess, spillage, garbage inside or outside the building common areas left by the tenant must be cleaned up using the appropriate method.
    6. If the kitchen is being used, it must be completely cleaned after use; floors, counters, oven, stove, microwave, sinks and any other item(s) used must be left clean.
  15. Loitering in the common areas of the building is not permitted. Tenants are to use the common areas for access to the rented premises and for use of the washrooms only. Anyone found loitering in the building will be asked to return to their rented room or leave the premises.
  16. Children under the age of 16 must be under the supervision of a responsible adult (over 18 years old) at all times and are not permitted to be loitering in the common areas of the building.
  17. Anyone on the premises after the scheduled end time of the event (as outlined in Schedule A), can and will be considered a trespasser. BTAC reserves the right to press criminal charges to any and all persons violating this regulation. Refusal to leave the premises is grounds for police involvement.
  18. BTAC is entitled to remove or have removed any persons causing bodily harm, property damage or any actions they deem insensible and/or dangerous; BTAC employees and/or designates reserve the right to evict any renters should the facility not be used for the purpose indicated at the time of the rental. BTAC reserves the right to press criminal charges to any person or persons responsible for causing personal or property damages. Compliance with all applicable regulations through the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission and the City of Calgary is required.
  19. The damage deposit shall be applied in part or whole to any expenses incurred by the renter as a result of damage or loss to the facility and/or equipment during the rental period. If the cost of damages should exceed the deposit fee, the renter will be invoiced the remaining amount and payment will be required within 30 days of invoice.

The following regulations also apply if liquor is to be served at the event:

  1. As per AGLC requirements, you must obtain a liquor permit and supply it to the Facility Attendant. We must post this license next to where liquor is being served. If you fail to do so, liquor cannot be served.
  2. Last drink will be served by one hour prior to the end of the event (or earlier as stated in your liquor permit) and all drinks must be consumed by 30 minutes prior at the latest.
  3. As per AGLC requirements, no homemade liquor, wine or beer is allowed on our premises. Any liquor that does not have a store bought label on it will be confiscated immediately.
  4. No persons serving alcohol may consume alcohol during their shift.

Beddington Theatre Arts Centre is the operating name of Calgary Community Theatre Ltd.

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